Panasonic business communication systems offer the flexibility required by any business today. Ultimately flexible and reliable, they’re capable of being configured to meet the needs of any organisation; from a one-site company expecting to grow and needing a system with the flexibility to handle increasing demand, to a multi-site company needing efficient communication options across locations and/or time zones.

The range covers a broad variety of office communication products, from simple digital systems with traditional desk-based handsets, to advanced IP-based network communications platforms for large organisations based in multiple locations.

Panasonic offers a telephone system range that includes IP phone systems, hybrid phone systems, digital phone systems and analogue systems that are easy to set up, and offer flexibility and manageability, making them the ideal telephone system solution for your business.

The range of IP PBX systems combines advantages from traditional telephone communications with IP technology, offering feature-rich functionality and the ability to handle all of your communication needs. Panasonic IP systems centralise the management of communications meaning that costs can be reduced and efficiency improved.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use – the system is intuitive and the phones tend to work in the same way as your current system so there’s no steep learning curve
  • Comfortable – crucial if your employees are required to spend lots of time on the phone
  • Flexible – in addition to desktop options, Panasonic offers conferencing and mobile working

Key features

  • Based on ‘busy lamp field’ technology: we like to call them winking lights, meaning you can see at a glance who’s on the phone and which line is ringing
  • Integrated DECT cordless option: cost effective and great for walkabout users, for example, warehouse staff
  • High visibility back-lit LCD display screens
  • Large alphanumeric displays
  • Self labelling keys
  • Easy navigation keys
  • Multi-tilt angle adjustment
  • Optional hands-free communication with Bluetooth headsets

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