British based, Splicecom offers enhanced voice services deployed in the cloud, on–premise or any blend of the two. The ability to harness the benefits of both cloud and on-premise voice services enables competitive solutions to meet all market requirements.

The following are just some of the wide range of Splicecom products:


SelectVoice, Splicecom’s complete communications service, is a single platform voice solution that meets all your business voice requirements – but goes further still. Delivering an extensive range of fixed and mobile voice capabilities and controlled via an easy-to-use web portal, SelectVoice puts you firmly in control of voice communication into, out of and inside your business.

iCS can deliver a complete end-to-end SelectVoice solution, including cloud hosting, connectivity and SIP Trunks, or you can choose to deploy it with any of these services that you might already be using.



Moving voice calls from ISDN to SIP Services is a tried and tested way of saving money on both trunk rentals and telephone call charges. SpliceCom’s ISIP ISDN to SIP Converters, allow you to start to enjoy monthly costs savings right now, even when your current PBX is blocking a move to SIP. No change to your current system is required, just disconnect the trunks from the existing BT Primary Rate (ISDN 30) or Basic Rate (ISDN 2) service(s) and connect them to SpliceCom’s ISIP ISDN to SIP Converter. Click here to read our ISIP information sheet.


Cloud Voice for Smaller Businesses is a complete business communications service that offers an extensive range of fully integrated fixed and mobile voice capabilities to business with up to 80 employees. It offers a range of business-focused features with an emphasis on flexibility and IT integration, delivering an overall voice solution that matches your IT strategy and meets your exact needs. You remain in control of your Cloud Voice solution, allowing your workforce to manage their calls easily and effectively to fully maximise individual and team productivity.

Contact iCS on 0800 9 77 88 99 or email for further information.

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