Hosted telephony offers strong features and levels of integration that are hard to find in a traditional telephone system. You no longer need complex on-premise equipment, such as the box on the wall, access is through an IP handset or softphone connected to a broadband line.

Hosted has many benefits:


  • Scalability – Hosted telephony solutions are specifically designed to be flexible and scale up and down according to the peaks or seasons in a business. Additional lines and features can be added or removed quickly at the flick of a switch 
  • Cost effective – because this type of telephone system sends and receives data via the internet, most providers offer FREE UK landline and mobile calls. This is a huge saving potential for every business
  • Enables flexible working – our solutions suits businesses with multiple sites and remote workers. You can link your desktop, phone and mobile plus other apps for joined-up communication.


This type of telephone system has proven benefits for your business. Businesses are no longer asking if they should be using hosted solutions – they’re asking why they should not!

Choosing a single supplier who understands your business is essential. Switching from traditional telephony to an IP-based service is seamless and our telecoms engineers will ensure this is completed with minimum disruption to your business.

To talk to a telephony expert at iCS Communications, call us on 0800 9 77 88 99.


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Our business phone systems offer a range of features to help improve your workforce’s efficiency and reduce your costs.

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Our business phone systems offer a range of features to help improve your workforce’s efficiency and reduce your costs.

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