Which data service for your business?

Businesses of all sizes choose to use our data services to meet a variety of needs. Here are some typical examples of how our data services can help your business:

  • Business demand for broadband usage increases between 20-50% each year – broadband services and applications continue to evolve to the growing demands of business. As you use more applications and services, it is good to know that we have a range of data services that meet your business needs for growth.
  • Businesses looking to adopt cloud-based services – businesses of all sizes are already in the cloud (IP telephony, hosted applications like SharePoint or Salesforce, even remotely backing up individual PCs). But as this trend increases, so does the need for high performance, reliable and fast connections.
  • Businesses that have a high data requirement – with the introduction of EFM, more businesses can take advantage of the high speeds and impressive SLAs that Ethernet can offer, without breaking their communications budget.
  • Businesses looking at large-scale IP telephony deployments – for large voice deployments, using multiple ISDN30 circuits is no longer the ideal solution. SIP trunking offers significant cost savings, flexibility and resilience over and above ISDN30, but it needs the right underlying connectivity. Our Ethernet products, when combined with SIP trunking or hosted IP telephony, provide an unrivalled end-to-end service that larger businesses can rely on.
  • Businesses that want to combine voice and data – whether an office has multiple ISDN2 channels with SDSL, or ISDN30 and a leased line, great cost savings can be made by consolidating internet and voice to one high performance and highly available connection, which is managed and monitored 24/7.


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Our Data Services

Network services

For businesses that operate on multiple sites, we offer solutions that connect your office networks seamlessly. These range from MPLS, WANs and VPLS to short haul and high bandwidth links.

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Does spam clog your mailbox and eat your bandwidth? Do you know if any unauthorised broadband connections have been installed in your office? What about unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots? How much time do your staff waste surfing the web for non-work related activities?

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Businesses rely heavily on being able to access the internet. Business grade is often the preferred option over standard domestic internet usage.

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