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GDPR Transition Statement

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement-ICS Communications

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force on 25 May 2018 (including in the UK regardless of its decision to leave the EU) and will impact every organisation which holds or processes personal data. It will introduce new responsibilities, including the need to demonstrate compliance, more stringent enforcement and substantially increased penalties than the current Data Protection Act (DPA) which it will supersede.

The volume of data handled by organisations is growing and is captured, processed and stored on an increasing number of devices and networks. Requirements such as data protection impact assessments, active mitigation of risks and evidence of risk management measures will require organisations to develop a more disciplined approach to customer data, especially those with personal data spread across many locations and/or systems with varying levels of personal data quality and ownership.

ICS Communications is committed to high standards of information security, privacy and transparency. We place a high priority on protecting and managing data in accordance with accepted standards.

ICS Communications will comply with applicable GDPR regulations when they take effect in May, while also working closely with our customers and suppliers to meet contractual obligations for our procedures, products and services. We will create a broad based compliance program to enable tracking of our GDPR obligations, covering topics such as privacy notices, consents, processing records and privacy impact assessments.

In fact, we are currently engaged in a comprehensive documented project to attain full GDPR compliance by May, but due to the scale and scope of this ongoing project, we are unable to comment on specific aspects of the process prior to completion. We will, however, provide an update of progress to our customers where the compliance regime indicates that any particular action is required to be taken by our customers. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that all of our customers follow best practice guidelines in order to ensure the security of their telephony systems and that our customers contact our technical support teams at support@icscomms.co.uk should they require any advice in this regard. All customers should be aware, however, that there is no substitute for seeking their own legal advice if they are unsure about the implications of the GDPR on their businesses.