Reliable, efficient telecoms services are critical to schools because they impact on both teaching and administrative activities. One of the biggest challenges facing many schools is ensuring effective communication between teachers, parents and pupils.

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During a period of significant change and mounting financial pressures, schools are changing the way they operate to maintain and improve education services. An up-to-date communication system is more important than ever. Telecoms technology is developing and changing quickly, raising issues of obsolescence and compatibility – as well as being the best fit for the school.

iCS Communications is a recognised telecoms expert in the education sector where we install and support cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions. We work with many independent, local authority and academy schools nationwide. We have a dedicated education team who can advise you on the latest technology to provide invaluable communication benefits to your school.

Some of the benefits of upgrading your school’s communications system include:

Flexible and resilient phone system iCS Communications can install and support phone systems based on cloud, hybrid or on-premise technology. We can also help your school make considerable savings by switching to a SIP solution

Improving inbound call handling with integration with SIMS and PASS  reception and administration staff will be able to instantly see the nature of the inbound call because the phone system can be integrated with SIMS/PASS database to support features such as screen popping, where it will match the pupil’s records in the database and present the relevant record information to the user

Call recording implementing call recording will ensure that the school has access to every inbound and outbound phone call, which is important in the area of safeguarding

Virtual users, voice mail, voice mail to e-mail – in schools, not every staff member will have a desk phone and messages will be passed on to them by colleagues. Staff members can be set up as a virtual user where they are allocated an extension number with a voice mailbox and they will receive voicemail notifications to their Inbox

Absence reporting and information services for sports events/school trip – reporting absences can be automated via a greeting system so that parents can call in before the school is open. Other options can be set up to provide information on sports events or school trips where staff can record announcements each day, informing parents of any cancellations or delays

Extension mobility – supports mobility application for Smartphones (e.g. iPhone) and Tablets (e.g. iPad). This application will enable a user to access system features over the school’s wireless or the 3G/4G mobile networks

Dedicated anti-bullying line – parents or pupils can leave messages on a dedicated voicemail on the school phone system, which allows complete anonymity.

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SpliceCom were recently awarded the status of Crown Commercial Supplier.  The Crown Commercial Service works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. 

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