A recent news report by BBC tells of a business in London who undertook an office move last December. After they had completed the office move, the firm discovered that they did not have access to superfast broadband and they are still waiting for availability to the service several months later. The company has 12 members of staff and because the building only has an ADSL connection, the download speed is very slow. Downloading one file can block the entire system for everyone. Frustratingly, to circumnavigate the problem, the staff go to their local McDonalds restaurant and send large files from there.

Moving offices can often be an exciting time for a business but it can also be a busy, stressful and an expensive one too. The key for any business is keeping communications going without any interruption to customer service. iCS Communications have compiled a Moving Offices document covering your potential Telecoms and Internet considerations:

Plan in advance – migrating telecom lines and data services usually carry standard lead in times

Create a timetable and be prepared to be flexible as dates can change closer to the time

Check out the broadband service at the new office before you sign up. There are still some areas where fibre broadband is not available

Consider whether to keep your existing phone numbers, many businesses under estimate the cost of changing the number on all the stationery, website etc.

Think about call forwarding or caller redirect if you do keep your existing numbers to minimise dropped calls

Confirm the number and remember to activate call forward. At this stage it is worth conducting a review of your current system to ascertain whether it will be able to support the move as your business grows. For example, this might be a good time to consider switching to a hosted system

Think about the number of extensions you require for your office move and whether the system can support this.

Ideally, planning the installation well in advance and having a back-up plan will ensure your office move goes smoothly. This will leave more time to concentrate on other aspects of the move.

Please click here to access the iCS Communications Moving Office handy guide, it will provide you with some of the key points to consider when planning for your Telecoms and Internet services. Each point has a table where you can record information and add notes.

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